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One of the most difficult criteria to assess in a prospective web hosting company is the quality of the customer support. Below are some of the comments that our customer support team have received over the past few months.

"I don't believe I have EVER received such a high level of:

A: Quick response (considering after hours - 10 minutes max)

B: Lack of “techo” talk (meaning I actually understand what they're saying)

C: Even though I'm not sure at this stage whether the problem is fixed or not (probably not), I am confident that your team are supportive, eager, willing and able to help me work this out. I am “gob smacked” at this service, and as a Graphic Designer who does require at times some support, I will purely based on your technical support team's performance be referring your company to my clients in the future"

- Tania

"Fast, efficient and perfect support as always.

Why can't all support helpdesks be like The Kiwi Webhosting Company!

I've used your online contact page on a number of occasions and each time you've been super fast and right first time with the answer.

With other companies I've waited days before only to get some generic thing linking me to the FAQ page.

Keep up the good work!"

- Lee Angell

"Excellent price; great setup; prompt and efficient help by people who know what they're talking about

Keep up the good work and thanks for being there."

- John Beard

"I would sincerely like to thank you all at Kiwiwebhost for being so spontaneous, helpful, knowledgeable and courteous in your responses. In the past couple of years, I have certainly had no problems with hosting my website with Kiwiwebhost and Congratulations to all you guys for your professionalism, obliging and supportive attitude.

It will surely go a long long way and we wish you all the very best in this New Year."

- Mark D Silva

"I am always impressed with the fantastic service provided by Kiwiwebhost and the support staff. Thanks so much for your help."

- Amie McCarron

"I'd like to express my thanks and appreciation for all of the assistance that I myself, and my client, have received over the last few days. We dealt with a number of organisations during email issue, and nobody gave us as much help and advice as your support team.

I spoke to a number of people in your support area, as did my client, and without exception we were always given the help and guidance that we needed.

I recommended that my client moved his website to your operation because of the excellent service that I've always received in the past, and once again you've proven what a professional and service oriented organisation you are.

You guys are fantastic."

- Richard Lake

"Thank you for a truly excellent service....faultless as far as I can see. Who could do it better?"

- Dave Wardley

"I'm impressed with your hosting / support. I have been running 3 websites as sub domains under one big account at Webfarm. This was the first one I transferred to it's own site. I plan to shift the other two out shortly, it is a lot tidier without sub domains & redirections. Also I can notice faster loading times through your servers."

- Bill

"I would like to thank you for your cheerful and helpful customer support, both recently and in the past. Your company is by far the best (and well priced) company i have dealt with concerning webhosting or any Internet services."

- Adam White

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